martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

Podcast and more , Update!

its been a while since ive written anything here and theres a reason for it, been doing videos for my youtube channel also have written movie reviews for a new horror site called bloody whisper and finally started doing a podcast where i talk about stories i find related to music, movies and gaming every two weeks and its 10th episode will be up tomorrow.

if youre interested in checking out the videos or the podcast ill leave a link to both tomorrow here:
heres the playlist for the podcast
weirdmusiciancast playlist

sábado, 3 de enero de 2015

Favorite Albums of 2014

first time i do videos of my top albums of the year , again they are in no order until 5 through 1

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Upside Down Movie Review

i gave this film a chance because it looked different from other films that have been released, the idea of a parallel earths with dual gravity's one is rich the other is poor.

they don't have great names ones up above the other is down below, one planet sells electricity to the other for double the prize not only that but its mining its resources instead of doing it in its own.

a person from up cannot have any contact with someone from down its strictly prohibited, you can say there's a big segregation shown throughout the entire film that bugs me.  

and its shown more through the relation of Adam and Eden, the films main protagonists both from different worlds that when they're discovered Adam is shot and Eden gets hurt because he was holding her with a rope because of the gravity and to be able to interact with her.

Adam inherits a recipe for  that's made from the pollen collected from bees who go to both worlds, this later helps him get into transworld and show it to the people there to sell it as a cream for instant face-lifts.

after getting a job in transworld he makes a friend called bob who has been and employee for the company for a long time who later helps him escape, he finds out eden is working for them but has amnesia so she doesnt remember him.

but in a presentation Adam makes to the company Eden starts to remember him and they start to go out secretly until they are found out again; and after a chase he falls back to his own world.

if i could sum up this film it would be a romantic film set in a scifi setting with and interesting premise that's not fleshed out enough.

it would have been great to know more about the company transworld and whats their part in the segregation that happens and if someone wants to bring the company down, or if there was a revolution movement against up above claiming for equality.

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Parody Movies and Animation films past and present

so what happened to good parody movies like hot shots, airplane , the naked gun series among others the main reason im asking this question at the moment because the recent string of these type of movies have been going from bad to worst resorting to the lowest common denominator of humor.

in this case physical humor , references to blockbusters or movies that have been popular at the time with no coherent thread uniting them. so if you see something related to a popular movie on a recent parody its just self-referential humor or referencing something just for the sake of it.
case in point the scary movies series i would say the first one was OK at times, but after that they started becoming more distasteful and the last one that was released this year was the worst one yet.

though this movie wasn't a parody it has the reputation of being in the list of worst movies of all times, i mean movie 43 which is a series of shorts that resort to bodily functions jokes among other type of low brow humor that makes me sad and disgusted for the film.

how did we go from

to this

i think its time for these types of films to extinguish or go away, they are not needed and now more than ever is great to highlight the good comedy films though scarce that have appeared and will be released in years to come.

after that rather short statement i wanted to talk a little about animation and how it has being going away from traditional hand drawn to computer or cgi animation.

in the past ten years fewer and fewer hand drawn animated films have been released in theaters maybe there are still some that are done for the home market DVD and bluray but im guessing as the years pass they will be more scarce.

the last hand drawn animated film released by a major studio was winnie the pooh in 2011 after that
they stopped doing them and focused on computer generated animation.

miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

so this blog was nominated for a liebster award

my friend Cassie Carnage nominated me for the liebster award, and according to that i have to answer 11 questions and nominate 11 blogs for the award.

so ive heard this before but i don't see anything special with the number eleven but seven sounds more mysterious to me

Now here's the obligatory answer and question round, and my list of nominations for the passing of the Liebster Award torch:

The Rules:
There’s no obligation to participate.

The bloggers who have been nominated must link back to the person that nominated them.

Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.

Those nominated must choose eleven of their favorite bloggers who have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions.
The Questions:
1. What angers you the most when watching a movie in theaters?
This ones rather easy when people bring toddlers to films and they start crying throughout the movie, after a while it can become quite annoying.

2. What do you love about watching movies in theaters?
Seeing and anticipated film and enjoying it throughout specially with a crowd that's not noisy and enjoys the movie for what it is, and discovering a new favorite film. 
3. Name a movie you never want to watch. Ever.
i have had my fair shares of bad films, but one i would never want to see would be Freddy got fingered that has to be the epitome of comedy suicide.

4. Name a movie you're ashamed you haven't seen yet.
Logans Run, all my life ive been a scifi fan and there's a lot of classic movies from this genre i haven't seen, the one mentioned being one of them. 
5. Favorite weekend hangout?
to be honest i don't go out in the weekends and when i usually do , i go to a movie with my sister so that would be it. 
6. Favorite band or music artist for the past week?
been listening to imelda mays past album mayhem in anticipation for her new one, and a lot of ska specifically mad caddies and Mustard plug..

7. 3D. Yay or Nay?
i think the problem isnt yay or nay but the overuse in 3d specially in movies that dont need it, which has become a problem recently with a lot of films.
post-conversion 3d looks awful case in point clash of the titants a movie that didnt need it and was tapped on it just because.

8. Name a movie you wish you could have been on the set while it was filming.
Thats and easy one High fidelity mainly because it would have been fun listening to music inside the record store and interacting with the cast.
after that one star wars to know how they made the costumes for the aliens and the props, etc
  9. How do you stream movies (Computer, Blu-ray Player, Game Consoles like PS4 and Wii)?
10. What are your top five favorite movie podcasts to listen to?
well i used to listen to two but now they're gone they were everything made by the people at and yeah its that bad.

well nowadays i sometimes listen to digital noise and and the movie reviews of korey coleman and martin in his soundcloud page  . 

11. Who is your movie celebrity crush? You have to answer for both guys and girls.

Guy crush: Chris Hemsworth (Thor). His performance as Thor made the Character cool and kind of a badass and his performance on rush was excellent.

Girl crush: Alison Brie, she hasn't made a lot of films but i liked her performances in the boys of summer and the five year engagement and has been doing a great job as annie in the tv show community.

My nominations for the award would be

sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Memories from my trip to Peru

so recently i was in Peru for two weeks with my family, we went to Lima and a small town called ica that's like a few hours away from the first part i mentioned.

so the first day in Lima was pretty much exploring the places near where we were staying, among them a mall that was kind of underground which was strange but different.

a place called pachacamac thats a few hours away from lima where various pyramids made out of sand are still intact from ancient civilizations that lived there a long time ago.

we also went to downtown lima where there were a lot of places that sold traditional arts and crafts from the country that had figures like llamas and something called cholitas which are locals that knit clothing as they walk, they can be seen in machu pichu and other locations around the country.

after visiting another mall that seems to be the largest mall in the city , and tasting some local drinks mainly chicha morada and inca kola we traveled to ica thats like two hours by car from lima.

its known mainly for its vineyards and the route of the pisco which is traditional alcoholic beverage made there, there are various places where its made where you can see how the process done to make a bottle of pisco is and also taste different variations of this traditional alcoholic drink.

there was also a festival called the vendimia that celebrated grapes and wine, that was being held at the time we were there among the events held was a beauty pageant,  and concerts with local bands and international artists.

Near ica there's also and oasis which contains the lake of la huacachina where people from all over the world go to do extreme sports, and to anyone interested a few hours from ica there's Nazca where the famous lines of Nazca where made.

martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Favorite albums of 2013

depending on various factors last year was a good year for music, i might do like a quick review of 2013 in film though i already did a podcast on it.
so just like the year before this list is in no order whatsoever.

Andrew Bird- I want to see Pulaski at Night

at first i thought this was a purely instrumental album but on a second listen i realized it wasn't, solid album but the instrumental tracks standout quite a bit.

Football, Etc- Audible

interesting album if you liked bands like American football, and others like it you'll enjoy this album a lot.

Larry and his Flask-By The Lamplight

i admit before listening to this band ive never heard a lot of bluegrass in this case combined with other genres blended so well.

Matt Pryor- Wrist Slitter

kind of and overlooked album by some, this has to be the most energetic and varied album he has done so far as a solo artist; taking all that he learned from his previous bands and progressing his sound and adding a bit energy to it.

Future of the Left- How to stop your brain in and accident

clever and angry lyrics and music make this album memorable.

Less than jake-See the Light

the tightest group of songs this band has done.

Heartsounds- Internal Eyes

this band after tweaking with their sound just a bit, make and extremely fun melodic punk album

Streetlight Manifesto- The hand that thieve

after a rather long hiatus this band comes back with a powerful angry ska album

 Laura Stevenson- Wheel

this album took me by surprise , it had been a while since ive heard anything from this artist not only has she grown in her sound but also lyrically; making thoughtful songs that engage the listener.

Neko Case- The worse things get, The harder i fight , the more i love you

using quite a bit of symbolism among other things in her lyrics, every song is different sonically using different instruments to convey a wide array of emotions and tell strange but interesting stories.

God is an astronaut-Origins

the use of electronic voices complements the music making it more interesting and beautiful for the listener.

Superchunk- I hate Music

a straightforward album with a punk or garage rock inspired song in it that doesn't damage the flow of it.

Nick cave and the bad seeds- Push the Sky Away

a rather sober, melancholic and sometimes depressing album

Shearwater- Fellow Travelers

Dismemberment plan- Uncanny Valley

one of the most innovative bands from the 90s is back, with a great record taking some elements from their previous records and incorporating new ones that work well with their sound.

honorable mentions
bad religion- true north
mixtapes-ordinary silence
radioactivity- s/t
The men- New Moon
Janelle monae- The electric lady
Elway- leavetaking
Russian Circles- Memorial